Friday, July 31, 2009

100 spiritual & religion Tweeter feeds

And, my christiac is included. I'm honored.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Scientology. What's the attraction?

I've seen the blogs, news stories, Tweets and all manner of opinion on Scientology and throughout have wondered what would be the attraction in the first place. That story doesn't seem to have been written. I hope to one day.

Meanwhile, I've come across on Marty Rathbun's blog ( and on the site something called 31 factors. Within telling what some claim David Miscavige is doing wrong, is a glimmer of what could be right about this religion, what would attract people to it's teachings and ways. Makes for fascinating reading.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cults and cons

Take a look at this:

It's about a Catholic Church sect under fire for corruption, including abusing and brainwashing followers.

I saw this today. Coincidentally yesterday I watched a video of actor Jason Beghe talking about his experiences with Scientology and why he left.

Seems Scientology and the Legionaries of Christ have something in common. Beghe wold use the word "con."

My mind is boggled by what I've read about these two religions/cults. I wonder how people can be so fooled. I also wonder if I could be conned. Mostly I wonder, though, how can you figure out who to believe.

A search into people's beliefs doesn't necessarily make things more clear.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's flower children?

I'm working on a couple of stories from eco-Judaism to a Life in Abundance book traveling to 50 churches before being sent to Africa to Scientology. Scientology? I've been fascinated since I discovered earlier this year that in a house in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, L. Ron Hubbard
wrote out his new religion: Scientology.

The St. Peterburg Times' recent series on the leadership in the church was eye opening. Closer to home, though, I'm talking to Phoenix Chanology, a group of dedicated, self-proclaimed computer geeks who are loosely associated with a global group call Anonymous in protesting what they consider to be human rights violations by the church.

The group protests monthly wearing V for Vendetta masks and holding a big arrow-shaped sign with the word "CULT" on it, pointing it directly behind them at Phoenix's Church of Scientology headquarters. They are orderly, mannerly and have an impressive collection of documents and backup material.

I remember flower children, sit-ins, tear gas and bullets from when I was young and in high school and then college. Protests were against the Vietnam War -- which always gave me a queasy feeling because my older brother was there and I needed to support him -- no matter what.

The war today's group is fighting is one against information -- lack of information, misinformation and distorted information.

They want people to know all there is to know about Scientology. They want to give potential congregants the skinny on the religion/cult.

In the battle of information, the troops that command the greatest computer skills will win. I can't help but think these cyberspace cadets have an edge.