Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You call this investigative?

All over Facebook and Twitter we're reading about the Church of Scientology's investigative piece in its own-produced Freedom magazine that supposedly contradicts the St. Pete Time's reporting this summer on the cruelty and abuses of the highest church leader on anyone below him.

Investigative? Please.

An investigative piece requires trained journalists questioning people,attributing that information and then seeking out alternate voices. It's called credibility. Who did the reporting in the 80-page Freedom magazine article? Only one side seems to be "reported" in this story.

Look at this. It's the explainer on page 79: "Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest Freedom Magazine has long been a voice for the Church of Scientology. Today,that voice exposes journalistic injustice within St. Petersburg Times—the trickery, the deception, the arrogance. But we know we are not alone. So to all who have been capriciously targeted by the Times: public servants, community leaders and members of the business community—let Freedom hear from you... And together, we can take a stand for decency and fair coverage,"


Fair coverage? Where exactly is that within these pages? This so-called investigative report lectures from a specific point of view -- the antithesis of investigative reporting; the antithesis of intelligent questioning. Worst of all, this article has nothing to do with freedom. Such abuse of noble words and ideals hurts.

I revere good journalism. This isn't it. This is spouting off.

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